Support Areas

Chemicon is operating the construction materials laboratory and it is fully dedicated to the development of construction technology and technical service.

Chemicon’s construction materials laboratory has put most of its research efforts into developing cutting-edge technology and introducing foreign advanced technologies related to construction chemicals and all kinds of building materials.


Self-leveling compound
Leveling slurry
Shrinkage reduce mortar
Floor heat system


Skim coat Spray on mortar
Exterior insulation system (EIFS)
Fire proofing  material
Gypsum plaster
Powder / Emulsion paint

Water proofing system

Water proofing mortar
Water proofing slurry
Quick setting cement
Concrete waterproofing additives


Cement tile adhesive
Wood floor adhesive
Gypsum glue
Joint compound
EPS adhesive mortar

Grout / Repair

Rapid setting grout
Expansion grout
Repair mortar
Crack fillter


High strength concrete
Self-compacting concrete
Concrete surface coating
Underwater concrete
Andti-corrosion concrete