Seminar for Technocal Support

In order to meet the need of up-to-date information and technology for the construction field, Chemicon endeavors to the utmost by collecting useful information about the world wide trends of construction technology with great speed, and work out to provide the most precise information and technology.

Especially, in response to the rapidly changing demands for knowledge and information, Chemicon play a leading role in distribution of new construction technology through the specialized technical workshop including introduction of foreign advanced technologies, reporting of test results and demonstration. 

Chemicon will prepare the future with the firm basis for the information on construction technology. 
Please join us. We will do our best to become your most reliable companion.

· CHEMICON – Dry Mortar & Construction Chemicals Workshop

1st Workshop Dry mortar & Application (28th May,1999) Joint with Wacker, PFT GmbH
2nd Workshop Key factors in dry mortar (5th Nov.,1999) Joint with Wacker, Lafarge
3rd Workshop Dry mortar & Construction chemicals (24th Nov.,2000)
4th Workshop Tile application & Adhesive (23rd Nov.,2001) Joint with Tile Co-operative
5th Workshop Building application thickener (24th May.,2002)
6th Workshop Paint & Coatings workshop (30th Aug.,2002)
7th Workshop Building thickener & Quick setting with CAC (25th Apr., 2003)
8th Workshop Seminar of Spray-on plaster & Building applicator (11st Jul., 2003)
9th Workshop Redispersible powder & It’s new application (28th Aug., 2003) Joint with Wacker
10th Workshop Dry mortar & Construction chemicals (24th Jun., 2004) Joint with Lafarge, Munzing
11st Workshop CTA Technical workshop (15th Oct., 2004) Joint with Wacker
12nd Workshop Precast concrete Innovation (10th Dec., 2004) Joint with Falch
13rd Workshop Workability with Thickener & Fiber (30th Mar., 2005) Joint with JRS, Avebe
14th Workshop Role of superplasticizer in mortar (15th Jun., 2005) Joint with Perstorp
15th Workshop Trend of Water-proofing and plaster(18th Nov., 2005) joint with Wacker
16th Workshop Interior & exterior finish coat(26th May., 2006) joint with Wacker
17th Workshop Inorganic flooring mortar & plaster(27th Oct., 2006) joint with Wacker
18th Workshop Quick setting & High efficiency with Ternal white & Peramin(22nd Mar., 2007) joint with Kerneos
19th Workshop Introduce property & application of Light weight aggregate(30th Aug., 2007)
20th Workshop Inorganic flooring, CTA, EIFS with Vinnapas(6th Dec., 2007) joint with Wacker
21st Workshop CAC properties and Ternal White application (20th. Mar., 2007) join with Kerneos
22nd Workshop Beauty and Benefits (3rd. Jul.., 2008) join with Munzing
23rd Workshop Introduction of AVEBE and AVEBE Products (25th. Sep., 2008) join with AVEBE
24th Workshop Product and Application of JRS products (9th Jul., 2009) join with JRS
25th Workshop Introduction of Kerneos and Kerneos products (22nd Oct., 2009) join with Kerneos
26th Workshop Product and Application of PORAVER & Kerneos product (27th Apr., 2010) join with PORAVER & Kerneos

· CHEMICON – DraMA(Dry Mortar Action)

1st DraMA SLU (2008.1.24)
2nd DraMA CTA (2008.2.19)
3rd DraMA Repair (2008.4.25)
4th DraMA Plaster (2008.5.22)
5th DraMA SL-속경형 (2008.7.17)
6th DraMA CTA-속경형 (2008.8.21)
7th DraMA Grout (2008.10.23)
8th DraMA SL및 코팅제(2009.4.23)
9th DraMA Concrete application(Ⅰ) (2009.8.20)
10th DraMA 경량마감재(2010.2.5)
11th DraMA 경량 CTA(2010.3.25)
12th DraMA Concrete application(Ⅱ)(2010.8.26)